Hello my name is Cody Moss. I am a software engineer turned devops that is located in Las Vegas, NV. I am married for 7 years to my beatuiful wife Stephiy Moss. We have two fur babies named Jeff and Penny. I have way to many hobbies to list so I will just rattle off a few. Kuberenetes, Docker, Automation, Development, PHP Vegas co-organizer. blah blah blah enough about me.

Why I am mentioning all this is because these are the people or topics I will probably write a post or two or few about. I do not plan to consistently be posting but I do plan to post when I make or find something interesting. Who knows I might even post about what fun I and my family had on vacations. Might post about some crazy project I dreamed up and overkilled. Life is crazy, lets see where it leads.